Austria – Bavaria 2019

Salzburg – Passau – Rothenburg – Schonbrunn – Regensburg – Vienna

In 2019 the primary event was an eighteen-day half circle with start in Salzburg and end in Vienna. The principal planning was to go up through Bavaria and cross to Czechia near Cheb. Following the “Iron Curtain Trail”, first on the Czechia – Germany and later the Czechia  – Austrian border back to Haimburg / Danube. However the first part of the train in Czechia was so bad that I changed the plan and we cycled through Germany back to the Danube, and followed the River to Vienna. 

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First Part: From Salzburg to North-East of Bavaria

Starting in Salzburg using the “Tauern Radweg” we went down the river Salzach crossing the border, following the “Inn Radweg” to Passau and went upwards the river Daube to Kelheim. Riding along the “Altmuhltal Radweg” up north enjoying a string of superb cycle lanes, until the border crossing to Czechia. Bavaria has many purpose built cycle lanes in stunning nature. Furthermore there is nearly on all roads an extra cycle lane along the road, this makes cycling safe and pleasant.

Second Part: Iron Curtain Track abandoned – and back to Bavaria

After crossing to Czechia on day ten, I was very disappointed. First, for 2 km we were confronted with a very poor cycle track, this was replaced by road with moderate traffic, interrupted by lanes with terrible rough surface. The lanes were unfit for trekking bikes and very steep. Although I followed the signs and was for sure on the official  cycle track, in reality there was no cycle track at all. In the evening I tried to find more options, how to proceed with the trip. I made up the decision to leave Czechia on the proposed cycleway, which was again a road with moderate traffic, to the nearest possible crossing back to Bavaria. In Germany we followed the “Pfreimd Radweg”and the “Naab Radweg” to Regensburg and went along the Danube to Vienna. Back in Germany and later in Austria superb riding on  built cycle lanes. In summary an excellent holiday with overall first rate conditions in Bavaria and Austria. Again an outstanding cycle holiday to remember.

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