Grafenstein – Lienz – Cortina – Bergamo – Turin – Venezia

This tour, starting in mountainous regions and ending in the lagoon of Venezia, has been very enjoyable. We followed different cycle paths up to Turin and used the VENTO and “sinistra/destra Po” back to Venezia. Altogether about 1450 km of good cycling mainly on superb built cycling tracks. Sometimes we faced less favourable conditions, notably near Turin and along the west part of the planned VENTO, which was not finished until 2018.

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Grafenstein – Cortina – Santhia

Riding the Drauradweg to Toblach and following Dolomites Railway through Cortina down to Pieve di Cadore is cycling in perfect surroundings. Later using Bi4 (see Cycleways in North-Italy) further to Vittorio Venetto, we had the benefit of stunning landscape and bright weather along this trip. The next six days we used a mix of local cycle paths, minor roads and on a few occasions main roads. One of the big advantages of using a bike came to the surface when we rode through the middle of the pictures Italian Cities like Verona, Bergamo, Bassano, not missing out a good coffee or glass of wine in the pedestrian zone.

Santhia – Torino – Venezia

The part from Santhia to Torino was a bit below my expectation, in particular from Chivasso to Turin I recommend to use the south side of the river Po. From Torino to Venezia was planned to follow the river Po, on the new,  2018 partly still in construction,  VENTO. Down to Monferato the cycleway VENTO, on the south side, is closed or none exist. From Pavia the conditions improved and appart from a few stretches on streets we had an excellent tripp until Chioggia. Chioggia to Venice is excellent riding over the isle Pellestrina and Lido, however you are dependent on ferries. Be careful planning a visit to Venice with bicycles! Up the train station “Santa Lucia ” it is prohibited to use, push or carry bicycles! Furthermore there is no storage place for cycles in or near the train station. 

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