Austria-Hungary 2017

Holiday 2017 has been a remarkable experience. We have used some outstanding cycle paths in beautiful nature. As usual, the quality of the cycle environments differs a lot. For the first part in Austria, we used a string of cycle paths up to Vienna, later the Danube cycle paths (Eurovelo 6) down to Mohacs and finally on some minor roads over Lake Balaton back to Austria. The only setback was that I have had to skip the last four cycling days. I was infected by some virus and got sick. Therefore the trip ended in Tapolca.

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Part one: Austria – Slovakia

Riding along Friesacher-; Mur-; Thermen- and Lafnitzer Radweg was most of the time pleasant with a gentle up and down riding. From Lebring on, following the Eurovelo 5, it is starting to get hilly. The last section up to Monchskirchen, on the old main street, is exceptionally steep. From Monchskirchen to Vienna very good conditions, reaching the Danube, flat and excellent riding on mostly traffic-free cycling paths. Keep in mind that the quality of the paths varies, from superb tarmac to a time-consuming ride on a gravel surface.

Part two: Hungary – Danube – Lake Balaton – Tapolca

Following the Danube on Eurovelo 6 good to excellent cycling. Traffic-free sections and sections with minor traffic, as well the surface of the roads, vary throughout. Unpaved roads are very good to ride, as long as it is dry weather, however, during rain they are very muddy. From Mohacs to Tapolca I planned an individual route based on minor streets that worked out from good to average. The reason is that roads of 3rd and 4th category are impossible to judge whether there is (heavy) traffic or not. Overall good cycling throughout the country with some excellent cycle paths.

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