Austria Hungary 2018

The first cycling holiday 2018, from Bruck over Lake Balaton to Bleiburg was very fine cycling. These eight days worked out as planned. In  2017 we couldn’t finish the last four days of cycling from lake Balaton to Bleiburg, as I have been infected by some virus. Therefore this trip has been planned to cycle to Talpolca, and do the missed out sections of last year, ergo cycle back to Austria. 

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The first two days with approximately 173 km following the river Mur, R2, was excellent riding. The next two days we followed minor roads partly through unspoiled nature and a mix of street as well the short but good “zala vlgyi kerekparut”. From Tapolca down to Lake Balaton, first following the street, later riding on a mix of good cycle trails, minor roads and traffic free paths over Nagykanizsa to Varazdin was again fine cycling. For the last part mainly along the “Drau Radweg” back to Austria we were challenged by steep uphill sections, especially between Maribor and Lavamund. All together superb riding and except for the last day which brought us a bit rain, we were very lucky with the weather. 

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