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Service and Repair during the Voyage

Service and Repair

Sometimes there might be some trouble during a trip, usually minor things such as puncture, brake adjustments or gear shift corrections. I always have the tools and a few spare parts with me so I can handle these matters. However, in 2014 I was permanently challenged by chain failure. The new chain has split up every few days. First I used my reserve pin, later I shortened the chain after each incident, at last, I bought a new one. Then I learned that certain chains only link with the original brand chainlink. Conclusion, sometimes I’m challenged by strange technical issues.

Our Cycle

Cycle VHS

Whatever cycle you use, try to get the best out of it. It is not a matter of high-end price. Feel good on your bike is paramount. We, as it fits our demand, decided for trekking bikes with mudguards, lights and pannier in an upright sitting position, but also used foldings bikes in GBR. Since 2015 we are using trekking bikes from VHS with the Rohloff gearshift. This kind of gearshift is very convenient for our way to travel. Using e-bikes is not an issue yet.